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This is where you find answers to questions that are frequently asked by our clients. There is also a large amount of specific information on how Stanley/Stella works, as well as the choice of products and services on offer.

Customer account

Who is this webshop for?

This webshop is for professionals who operate in the promotional clothes printing and transformation sector or any other business activity that involves selling our transformed garments.
This site is not for private individuals.

How can I create a customer account?

Go to the login page and fill out the form. Do not forget to fill out the compulsory fields.
As soon as your form has been received, your request will be assessed and sent to our Sales Manager who will then contact you to confirm your request and begin the partnership.
You will receive an email as soon as possible to inform you that your customer account has been activated.

How can I modify information on my customer account?

Click on the connection tab represented by a person figure. You can then modify your password and your delivery addresses
If you want to change your company information, please send an email to the address:


Where are our clothes made?

Stanley/Stella products are mainly made in Asia (Bangladesh and China) and all of our linen garments are made exclusively in Portugal. If you want more information on production or our certifications, please visit our website

Are our products certified?

Most of our products are certified. The GOTS standard applies to all of our 100% organic cotton garments, the OCS Blended standard applies to our products that are made of several materials (Cotton/Polyester, Cotton/Tencel, Cotton/Rayon, Cotton/Wool). OCS 100 (only for our Stanley Acts and Stella Likes garments). Our garments also meet the Oek Tex standard and are Reach Compliant.
We are affiliated to the Fairwear Foundation and so we can guarantee that all of our products are ethically made.

Why do some products not have an organic certification?

Some of our products are made from pulpwood fibres, such as rayon and Tencel. For some of our garments, we also use recycled polyester. These products comply with the OCS Blended standard as they are blended with organic cotton. However, when a garment is 100% made with one single material then there is no certification as there is no certifying body for these materials. Nevertheless, these materials are environmentally friendly.

How can I care for Stanley/Stella garments?

The clothes comply with the textile industry standards and requirements. Washing instructions are written on the label of each garment. Please follow them to ensure that our garments last as long as possible.
In order to remain environmentally friendly, we recommend you wash your clothes at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees and that you do not use a dryer.

Are our clothes suitable for printing and embroidery?

All of our clothes are designed to be customised and can immediately be printed on using many printing techniques.
Transfer, screen printing, digital printing, and embroidery techniques can all be applied to most of our products. However, we recommend techniques that are environmentally friendly.

Do the garments bear labels?

Yes, our garments bear labels. There is a label in the left inner seam of the garment. This label indicates washing instructions, where the garment was manufactured, garment information and the garment reference. There is a label that indicates the size inside the collar. It is off-centre so you have enough space to affix your own brand.


How do I find a garment?

You can find a garment by going to the search bar located at the top left of your screen.
Use our website's browse bar to browse through the collection by gender, garment range, style or cut.

How do I choose a size?

Each garment has a sheet that indicates the different measurements per size. This will help you choose the size you need.

How do I make an order?

Just received access to the webshop and want to make your first order? It's easy as pie.
There is only one way to make an order: login to our webshop and select the garments you want.
Once your basket is confirmed, just select how you want to pay. "Credit card" or "On account"
All new customers must make a minimum of 3 orders by bank card. After those 3 orders, you can then ask for a credit limit. We will then contact you again to explain the terms and conditions.

How do I modify or cancel an order?

You have confirmed your order and, once confirmed, you want to modify or cancel your order.   All orders that our confirmed on our website are directly sent to our logistics platform to ensure that our order is dispatched quickly.   Therefore, it is not possible replace, remove or add a garment. However, if your request to modify or cancel your order reaches us within minutes of receiving your acknowledgement of receipt then we will do our very best to handle your request through our premium service. You simply need to contact our Customer Care service directly by telephone on +32 2 663 33 00.

What are your minimum order requirements?

There are no minimum order requirements. You can order one single item (sample) per garment.

How long will my basket remain valid for?

Your basket will remain valid for one week. After an idle period of 7 days, it will  be deleted.

How does the back order process work?

When you make an order for a garment and the total quantity is not in stock, a warning message will appear on the screen. When your order is confirmed, our webshop will provide you with 3 options:

  • Immediate delivery of the garments in stock and creation of a back order that will be dispatched as soon as the garment is available
  • Only the available quantities will be delivered. The quantities ordered will automatically be modified by the system and there will be no back order
  • Order deletion.

Please note that a back order may generate additional shipping costs. However, in order to optimise these costs and reduce our environmental footprint, we endeavour to combine your back orders when we send them. This naturally depends on the dates when the garments in question are back in stock.

How do I complain about an item?

Stanley/Stella aims to serve all of our partners in the best possible manner and fulfil all expectations and needs in every area by offering Premium garments and services.
However, sometimes our garments (quality and preparation errors) or services do not meet your expectations. If that is the case, please do send us your complaint, as well as any comments and suggestions, as quickly as possible by email to our Customer Care Service representatives. To
We strongly believe that any complaint provides us with the opportunity to improve and we strive to do this every day...


What are your delivery times?

Any order made on our webshop before 16h on a working day is prepared and dispatched on the same day, subject to payment validation. Orders that are made and confirmed on Fridays after 16h, on Saturdays or Sundays and dispatched the following Monday.
For deliveries in Benelux, transit time is 1 day. For France, the United Kingdom and Germany, please allow for 2 to 3 working days. For the rest of Europe, please allow for 2 to 4 working days.
However, like with all transport services, there is no guarantee for these time periods. In rare cases, it is possible that a delivery is delayed because of bad weather, bad road conditions, etc. Our Standard delivery service is carried out by DPD and TNT in Europe.
Deliveries for orders with over 2000 items will generally require an extra 1 to 2 working days in addition to the normal delivery time.

How do you deliver?

Our partners can choose from the following delivery modes:

  • Standard package delivery: the package will be transported by our partner, DPD, who takes care of all European orders.
  • Standard pallet delivery: For larger orders (a minimum of 2000 items), our partner, TNT, will carry out a pallet delivery. Please note that these types of orders require an extra 1 to 2 days per package in addition to the standard delivery time.
  • Express Delivery (next day): Express "next day" deliveries are an option for most regions in Europe. However, our Customer Care Service will inform you if the delivery is not possible.
  • Express Delivery (next day before midday): Express "next day before midday" deliveries are an option for most regions in Europe. However, our Customer Care Service will inform you if the delivery is not possible.

For both types of Express delivery, you simply need to tick the express option you want when confirming your order. The price varies depending on the type of express delivery you select and the destination. The price will be confirmed by our Customer Care service.

How much does delivery cost?

Standard delivery costs vary depending on the country and transport type selected when placing your order on our Webshop (see delivery methods). The delivery fee will be communicated to you via the Webshop before you pay. The Express delivery fee (next day and before midday) will be confirmed upon request by our Service Customer Care. Shipping costs will be waived once the order exceeds a minimum amount, based on the country to which the merchandise is being transported.

  • >350£ : England
  • >800€ : Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark ,Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovania, Spain, Sweden
  • >1000€ : Switzerland

No franco delivery for islands and DOM-TOM.

How do I return my order?

All defective garments or delivery errors can be returned free of charge within 28 days from the date of delivery in order to obtain a full refund or exchange the garments.
Clothes that are no longer wanted can also be returned within 28 days from the day of delivery following Customer Care Service approval. However, a 20% restocking fee will be applied and there will be a 15 Euro minimum fee. Before sending any returns, you must send an official returns request to your Customer Care agent. You will then be sent an authorisation.
This returns authorisation must absolutely be affixed to the returns box. Returned merchandise cannot have been worn or printed on and must be returned at your expense in its original unopened packaging in perfect state.
Please note that any unauthorised returns will be rejected by the warehouse.
Finally, samples cannot be returned

How often do you restock?

All product categories are regularly restocked. Our planning teams endeavour to reduce stock shortages to a minimum. However, every now and then, as a one-off, some garments may be out of stock for a period of time. Our Webshop displays future restocking dates.

Can I check stock levels?

You can check our product stock in real time at any time. This is visible below each garment. When less than 100 items are available, stock levels shall be displayed in red.
When you order a garment and the quantity you ordered exceeds the quantity that is available then you will be informed directly.


Is payment secure?

Payment is perfectly secure.
The connection uses TLS 1.0. The connection is forwarded by AES_128_CBC with HMAC-SHA1 to authenticate the messages and RSA for the key exchange method. All communications are coded by a encryption key. All payments are secured through Ogone, a company that specialises in payment methods in compliance with PCI-Level 1.

How do I pay for my orders?

We currently accept bank transfers. However, if you have prepaid, you can also pay directly when you order using bank cards (VISA and Mastercard) as soon as your order is confirmed. The payment is carried out in a secure space.

How do I check that my order is being handled?

As soon as your order is being handled, you will receive a confirmation email informing you that your order is currently being handled.

When and where can I see my invoice?

Your invoice will appear on your account as soon as your order leaves our warehouse. It will also be sent to you as a PDF at the email address you provided us when you created your account. It will never be included in your package. Each one of your invoices can be viewed on the webshop in our My Account section\My orders, and it will indicate the details of the items that were dispatched to you. 

You can view a document you have searched both By its reference

  • By selecting the type of document you are searching for (invoice, delivery, credit note, returns) and the time period
  • You can also leave the filters blank and click on "search". All invoices issued since you opened your account will then be displayed.

How can I see if the invoices have been settled?

You can view all invoices on the webshop on your account\Your confirmed orders. Click on "search" to see all invoices that have been issued since you opened your account. All invoices where the "Remaining Tot." is € 0.00 have been fully settled.

How can I get a line of credit?

Requests must be sent to the sales manager of your geographical area. The sales manager will then inform you regarding which documents you need to complete your request for a line of credit. These files are handled by our Finance Service.

What are the agreed payment terms?

By default, all new customers must prepay for at least the first 3 orders.
For customers with lines of credit, the maximum payment deadline is 30 days and 30 days from the end of the month for UK customers.

Images & Communication

Where can I find Stanley/Stella images/videos?

All image files, logos and technical information can be downloaded directly through a wetransfer link in our library.

Can I use the images and in what cases can I use them?

Stanley/Stella imagery is copyrighted. This means that the imagery can only be used to promote the St&St brand. It cannot be modified or used to promote another service or brand under any circumstances. Please see our terms and conditions for using the imagery:

Where can I find technical information on garments?

We have released a graphics charter to follow and this will equip you with the necessary tools to format a document with our image to which you want to associate yourself: Here are the brand guidelines:

Where can I find the lookbook, Flipbook and colour chart?

In our communication library, you will find a PDF version and a flipbook version of our lookbook, and our colour chart in the tools section.

You are a fairwear member. Can I use their logo to showcase Stanley/Stella's ethical side?

We are indeed Fairwear members. This means that we have to follow their rules, both in terms of how we communicate and in terms of how we use their logo. If you want to communicate with regard to Fairwear, you need to use the logo that says that Stanley/Stella is a fairwear member but you cannot use a neutral logo. You can find more FWF information and guidelines, as well as the logo here:

You are GOTS certified. Can I use the GOTS logo to showcase your ecological side?

Most Stanley/Stella garments comply with the GOTS standard. You can find more information on our website and on our garments. However, if you yourself are not GOTS certified then you cannot use the GOTS logo once you have transformed the garment. Please find more information on GOTS guidelines here:

Dealer network

Where can I find an official dealer?

Go to our dealer page to find the dealers we have selected. They are our brand ambassadors. They will guide you and offer services that are customised to your needs, while respecting our quality standards.

I'd like to become a partner

Please fill out this form and a sales representative will contact you as soon as possible.



The Customer Care Team is available by mail or by phone from Monday to Friday from 9h to 18h (8am to 5pm UK)
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