Make the difference with Stanley/Stella

‘A few years ago, my desire to push boundaries and to bring something new to the textile market led me to decide to launch a brand that would take a different approach. For me, that meant high-quality contemporary clothing made with respect, for people, nature, and the environment’. 
Jean Chabert, CEO

Born in 2012, Stanley/Stella is proud to take on the responsibility of facing up the challenge to change the textile's industry long-established behaviours.

Create your branded retail collection with Stanley/Stella

  • A unique collection of more than 120 contemporary styles with more than 100 colours based on retail trends, all made with sustainable materials (organic cotton, modal, tencel, recycled polyester…) 
  • Fashionable shapes, perfect fits, with details that make the difference
  • A network of experienced decorators providing a full range of highly skilled services for your brand 
  • A dedicated team of specialists that will help stimulate your creativity 

Stanley/Stella will help you to revolutionize the classical purchase business model by reducing your development and production lead time. 
  • Unexpected flexibility with no hassle 
  • No stock on your side 

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